A New Way to Monitor Visual Function!

Diseases that affect the macula (the center of the retina), including macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy, are the main causes of blindness worldwide. Up to 80% of patients with diabetes lose vision due to retinopathy and up to 20% of patients with age related macular degeneration (AMD) go blind. 

The best defense against these conditions is early detection. 

This simple test of your vision can alert you to changes that may indicate a problem with your macula caused by diabetes of macular degeneration.

The MaculaTester (Patent # 8,047,652), is an interactive version of the Amsler Grid - the standard test used be eye doctors to check macular function for over 50 years.

Image distortion is often the first visual change that patients notice when the condition is starting or advancing. Since the distortion can be subtle and difficult to notice at first, the amsler grid is used to help detect AMD as early as possible while it is still treatable

Most doctors give their patients a card with an amsler grid on it to test themselves at home between eye exams. Unfortunately many patients loose it, or forget to use it.    


The MaculaTester is an electronic test that serves the same function as the Amsler grid but with several distinct advantages:


1) It is interactive - allowing you to record the area of distortion by touching the screen. The recorded image is saved with date and time so you can show it to your doctor, as well as compare to previous images to look for any changes.


2) It resides on your iPhone / iPod Touch - so you won't lose it.

3) Our free "push notification" feature reminds you to perform the test at regular intervals - so you won't forget to use it.

You can find the MaculaTester on Apple's iTunes Store. Just click on the "Available on the App Store" button.

* A portion of the proceeds from sales of the MaculaTester goes to benefit various foundations including The Eyecare Foundation and The Macular Degeneration Foundation.

The following video shows how to use the MaculaTester application:

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